The first time I drove through the lakes, rivers and mountains to find Bishop’s College School’s stunning campus, it was the powerful presence of community that captured my immediate attention. I felt instantly embraced by the welcoming smiles, warm greetings and innately kind nature of the people I encountered. Moving with my family to BCS, our nerves were eased by the confidence of knowing that the community created on Moulton Hill would take us in – as it does all who come. That knowledge, that we would be surrounded by like-minded students and adults, was extremely comforting and reassuring as we began this new journey.

BCS offers today’s youth the opportunity to become a member of a community grounded in values and traditions that allows individuals to explore their own pathways to excellence within a supportive and encouraging environment. We focus on instilling the importance of a balanced life by promoting exploration, adventure, friendship and positive risk-taking in a challenging academic environment.  Athletics, the arts and leadership, along with our vast international and service programs, move the learning beyond the classroom and create opportunities to strive for excellence and personal development. We support all of our students as they grow and venture forth, ensuring that each individual’s experience reflects our identity that BCS is an environment where learning lives and leaders grow.

Explore our campus once again, or for the first time, and I am certain you too will feel the intrinsic, familial pull that continues to captivate me.  I urge you to bring your whole family and discover for yourself the rich experience and holistic development that our small, committed boarding community provides.  BCS is a place where all are welcomed and challenged to pursue excellence and strive to the upper limits of their potential.  Come join us.
Tyler Lewis
Head of School

The BCS Core Values

List of 4 items.

  • Excellence

  • Community

  • Character

  • Leadership

Head of School's Office

Mr. Tyler Lewis
Head of School

Mrs. Sheila Lyster
Assistant to the Head of School
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Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.