One of the most powerful leadership experiences our students enjoy is through service. Students find many rewarding opportunities to explore their potential by helping others on both local and international levels.
The benefits of donating service are mutually reciprocal. Students assist those in need while cultivating skills and a compassion for others—inspiring what we hope will be a lifelong commitment to giving.
At BCS we want every student to discover more about themselves through new and unconventional challenges. BCS endeavours to offer students opportunities to realize their potential through some of the following organizations and experiences.

Leadership Development

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  • Cadets

    Established in 1861, the Bishop’s College School Cadet Corps No. 2 is the oldest continually active school cadet program in Canada. The program offers unique opportunities for student leadership. Students become part of a rich, time-honored and respected school tradition as they engage in formal leadership training—as well as activities that encourage outdoor survival, citizenship, teamwork and discipline. The highlight of the cadet program for our BCS students is the opportunity to participate in the ceremonial Cadet Parade and Inspection that takes place every spring.

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  • Outward Bound

    The BCS Outward Bound program is designed to develop the inner abilities and strengths of a Form V student. By using the world’s natural landscapes, students from across the country come together to be challenged and inspired through the course of their adventure, whether it be hiking to a mountain top or kayaking a windy river. The program now runs in over 30 countries on 6 continents with various adventures pertaining to individual countries’ natural environment. BCS has been a proud member of this organization since 2005 and initiator of the Outward Bound Canada program.

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  • Round Square and Leadership Trips

    BCS believes in fostering international understanding and is one of more than 80 elected member schools on five continents belonging to Round Square. Round Square is a worldwide association of schools that promotes global connections, providing youth with unique opportunities to experience exchanges abroad and serve on projects in developing countries with students from other schools. All BCS students become Round Square members, working to promote dedication to service, international understanding, environmental conservation, the spirit of adventure and esprit de corps.

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  • The Duke of Edinburgh Award Program

    Students in Form IV and higher can participate in an amazing adventure to earn the prestigious Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, an international program that operates in more than 100 countries. Take part in a wide range of challenging activities that develop character, personal discipline, international understanding, leadership and responsibility. Helping people worldwide, community action, coaching, the environment, athletics—just a few of the many choices in service projects.
  • The Ondaatje Endeavour

    The Ondaatje Endeavour will challenge the strength and character of leading students at BCS. It will provide them with a “world class” expedition that will test their stamina and courage; an adventure that, when successfully completed, will show them that they “have what it takes” to compete with anyone, anywhere. The Ondaatje Endeavour is reserved for deserving students in good academic standing who possess the basic skills to succeed.

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For more information about these programs, contact:

François Tessier
Associate Head of School for Student Life
819-566-0238 x295
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