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Adventure here we come

Back in April, our Round Square Coordinator, Mrs. Shelley Gardner-Bray, shared exciting news about the Round Square International Conference 2022. With only a few spots open, students had one month to send in their applications in order to be selected.

As announced in chapel this week, seven students will be departing this Sunday for two weeks to represent BCS at the Round Square International Conference 2022: Take Less: Be More. The conference begins at Balliol College, University of Oxford in the United Kingdom and ends in Berlin, Germany. Our students will be able to learn and interact with other students from around the world, all while meeting new friends and being immersed in the rich culture and history of the UK.

Mrs. Gardner-Bray, Mr. Lafrance, and the following seven students are looking forward to this experience of a lifetime—safe travels Anne-Catherine, Caleb, Elsa, Emma, Georgia, Lynn, and Priscilla!