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Athletic excellence

Spring has officially begun, so we wrapped up the cold season with our Winter Crease Athletic Awards. Congratulations to the following award recipients and colours winners below!

Colours are considered and awarded according to the following criteria:
a) A player’s contribution/ability during practice and games;
b) Attitude both on and off the field;
c) Sportsmanship and willingness to help others;
d) Positive influence on others with regards to their team, sports and school; and
e) Practises the above whether winning or losing.

Alpine Skiing & Snowboarding

Coaches: Jitka Kasna, Isabelle Giroux, Christian Daigle, and Kirby Nadeau
Captain: Chung “Michael” Y.

The Whittall Cup Jr.
Best all-around junior skier
Alonso R. C.

The Whittall Cup Sr.
Best all-around senior skier
Rose W.

The Whittall Cup Sr.
Best all-around senior snowboarder
Adrian S. C. and William A.

The Coaches’ Award:
Chung “Michael” Y.

The Most Improved Snowboarder
Ivana L. C. M.

The Most Improved Skier
Carlos R. M.

Winter Adventure Training

Coaches: Barbara Rowell, Marita Vanier, and Anna Lina Bombardier
Captain: Atlas C.

Rookie of the Year
Kenton P.


Coaches: Isabelle Giroux, Jeff Bray, and Christian Munafo
Captain: Til S.

The MIP Award
Manuel O. G.

The Coaches' Award
Chi Him “Cullen” T.

The Spirit Award
Eytan C. Q.


Coaches: Beorn White and Frederic Gregoire
Captain: Evan J.

The MIP Award
Kokomi Y. and Ruifeng “Luis” C.

The Malcolm Seafield Grant Trophy
Senior MVP
Evan J.


Coaches: Draco Szathmary and Lindsay Key
Captains: Emma A. and Abigail A.

Team Awards
2nd ETIAC League & Playoffs

Colours: Abigail A., Emma A., Emma Y., and Riley X.

Most Improved Curler
Emma Y.

The Coaches' Award
Abigail A. and Emma A.


Coaches: Fanny Demers, Valerie Turcotte, and Noé Rochester
Captains: Yiorgos B. & Victoria H.

Colours: Mateo A., Yiorgos B., Victoria H., Joseph L., Arabella M-F., Aurelie M-H., Rachel W., and Edward Y.

The Perrier Cup
Aurelie M-H.

Bantam - Jr. Girls’ MVP Award
Rachel W.

Jr. Boys’ MVP Award
Mateo A.

The Samuel Wang Trophy
Senior Boys MVP: Awarded to a student who has demonstrated sportsmanship, leadership, motivation, perseverance and performance.
Yiorgos B.


Coach: Krysten Roberts Barrett

Exceptional Service Award
Yuxin “Nikki” W. and Feixiong “Sky” J.

The Coach’s Award:
Isabella F. D. S.

Senior Hockey

Coach: Nick Samson
Captain: Louis R.

Colours: Spiro A., Sheldon A., Naslund H. I., Louis R., Philipp M., Tyler F., and Thomas M.

The MIP Award
Philipp M.

The MVP Award
Louis R.

16U/Prep Hockey

Coach: Kyle Hood, Oliver Fizet, Brandon Syms, and Josh Bray
Captain: Thomas D., Kenzie S., Logan C., Zach J., and Archie R.

Team Awards: CSSHL Finalists

Colours: Zachary J., Thomas D., Archie R., Kenzie S., Xavier-Emmanuel C., Jan L., Timofey W., Felix-Antoine E., Gavin R., Taitt D., Dominic S., Emmanuel D., Nate O., and Adam S.

Coaches’ Award
Zach J., Archie R., and Gavin R.

The MIP Award
Brandon F. and Frank P. 

The J. Graham Patriquin Award (MVP)
Logan C. and Thomas D.

18U/Varsity Hockey

Coaches: Brodie Dupont, Brandon Syms, Olivier Fizet, and Josh Bray
Captain: Leo A.
Assistants: Sky W., Gabriel L. H., and Alex V.

Colours: Leo A., Gabriel L. H., and Nathan B.

The MIP Award
Patrick L.

The Gerald Wiggett Award (MVP)
Awarded to the player on the BCS Hockey Team who, in the opinion of the coach, best combines sportsmanship and ability.
Gabriel L. H.

The Coaches’ Award
Awarded for constant positive dedicated effort to his teammates and the hockey program.
Sky W.


Coaches: Daylen Dueck, Miranda McGie, Connor Stephens, and Myriam Valcourt
Captain: Sophia M.
Assistant: Janie G.

Team Awards
ETIAC regular season banner
ETIAC Playoff finalists

Colours: Sophia M., Julia T., Tayvia D., Maaya I., Janie G., Georgia L., and Elena P.

The MIP Award
Georgia L.

The MVP Award
Sophia M.

The Coaches' Award
Janie G.

Junior Girls Basketball

Coaches: Dan Pfliger and Valerie Sabourin

Colours: Mylea A. and Ariel P.

The MIP Award
Safa “Latifa” Syradin

The MVP Award
Mylea A.

Junior Boys Basketball

Coaches: Gautier Freville and Magalie Gonthier
Captains: Shin F. and Cedric L.

Bantam Colours: Quade C., and Ming Him “Magnus T.
Junior Colours: Shin F., Cedric L., and Boxi “Taylor” J.

The Coaches’ Award
For coachability, enthusiasm and dedication to the team both on and off the court.
Shin F.

The MIP Award
Boxi “Taylor” J.

The MVP Award
Cedric L.

Senior Boys Basketball

Coaches: Gauthier Freville and Sean Burke
Captains: Christophe P. and Alistair S.

Colours: Sebastian “Basa” H., Christophe P., and Alistair S.

The MIP Award
Kamil L.

The Coaches’ Award
MVP: For coachability, enthusiasm and dedication to the team both on and off the court.
Sebastian “Basa” H.

Congratulations to all our Bears and thank you to our coaches! Head to Flickr for all photos from the Winter Athletic Award Ceremony.