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Photo of the Day

Bear with us

Our students and teachers might have been away relaxing last week for November Break but the BCS Bear took the opportunity to get in a workout or two.

With the snowy season approaching, we’re encouraging our students to bundle up and dress warmly for the cold—something that our Bear never struggles with. Speaking of bears, did you catch our Bear’s appearance at parc Lucien-Blanchard in Sherbrooke last week? Watch our latest YouTube video as it shows off its skills on a Trekfit Outdoor Circuit that will be replicated on our campus next year.

We are thrilled to have all our staff and students coming back to Moulton Hill today as the second half of the term commences. Winter crease is also officially underway with our Senior Girls' and Junior Boys' Basketball teams kicking off the season with their first game on Wednesday, November 17, in the gym. We're rooting for you!