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Photo of the Day

Bee's knees

Thursday, September 8 was World Physical Therapy Day and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to thank our Physiotherapist, Katelyn, and Athletic Therapist, Évelyne!

From Physiotherapy to our Anti-Bullying Policy, Health and Wellness plays a huge role at BCS. Whether we're supporting each other in the classroom, on the field, or simply within our day-to-day, the BCS community is built on kindness and support. Find out more about health and wellness at BCS under the Student Life section of our website.

Parents—join us on our weekly informal and interactive get-togethers via Zoom every Friday at 9:00 AM EST. This is a time to share events and stories from the past week, as well as upcoming items and ideas. Also, check your inbox for the latest back-to-school communication about Student Life sent this afternoon!