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Development defined

Over the past several weeks, fifteen young scholars have delved into researching the developmental trajectory of a country of their preference, spanning from Tonga to Tajikistan. Their focus has been on examining particular factors affecting development and exploring potential avenues for future progress.

Today, they have displayed their findings in the library during the Sixth Annual BCS Global Development Symposium and welcomed all to attend. The countries represented, and their accompanying delegates, were…

  • Azerbaijan (Bella S.)
  • Bhutan (Luyan Z.)
  • Cape Verde (Sky J.)
  • Gabon (Nicolas L.)
  • Kiribati (Janie G.)
  • Laos (Taika B.-A.)
  • Madagascar (Ivanna G. R.)
  • Nicaragua (Gabriel L. H.)
  • North Macedonia (Maaya I.)
  • Paraguay (Finley M.)
  • Saint Lucia (Yuhan D.)
  • Sri Lanka (Christophe P.)
  • Tajikistan (Luis C.)
  • Tonga (Leo D.)
  • Tunisia (Lukas E.)

​Unsure of what is meant by development? As a class, they defined development as “the measure of a country’s overall ability to provide a high quality of life to its citizens, as measured by factors such as security, strong government services, economic stability, equality, and sustainability.”