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Flashback Friday

The 2023 Winter Carnival Committee has been working tirelessly to prepare for next week’s festivities.

This morning in chapel, they announced this year’s theme to our community…'Childhood Favourites!' Each house has been assigned a children’s movie on which they will need to base their house flags and costumes. Check out our latest Instagram Reel to see which movie was assigned to each house.

The 2023 Winter Carnival is about having fun and relaxing—all while enjoying an endless supply of delicious treats of course! What’s on this year’s agenda? Our returning students will recognize the traditional crowd favourites, including the Great Race (an outdoor, obstacle-course relay) and Tug of War. A new addition to the calendar includes a mental health day on the Friday, which will allow for some much needed relaxation after two jammed-packed days of activities.

Parents—follow along on our Instagram and Facebook Stories during February 1-3 to catch all the action live!