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Friends 4ever

Every year on the International Day of Friendship, we celebrate the bonds formed on Moulton Hill.

From crossing the finish line during the Winter Carnival relay race to marching across Senior Field during the Annual Cadet Review, having a friend by your side makes these memories last a lifetime. Our new graduates recently reflected on their experiences for our #BCS1836Graduation series and many chose to mention friendships. "When you live with the same people every day of the year, you create bonds with those individuals," shared Caleb Gaumond, BCS'22. "That is, for me, the most beautiful thing BCS has to offer; the opportunity to meet individuals from around the world and develop friendships that will last for the remainder of your life."

Calling all BCS alumni! Do you have a good story of friendship from your time on Moulton Hill? Share your memories with us—we would love to hear from you. And make sure to RSVP to the 2022 Homecoming Weekend on October 1-2 to catch up with old friends.