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Photo of the Day

History lessons in the Quad

Mr. McCormick's Form V History of Quebec and Canada spent period two outdoors analyzing important texts.

Students are currently learning about the Oka Crisis. This standoff over disputed land lasted 78 days between Mohawk protesters, Quebec police, the RCMP, and the Canadian Army. The Mohawk protesters bravely fought for the protection of their sacred land against the proposed golf course expansion. "We explored the 1990 Oka Crisis by analyzing primary sources and investigating multiple perspectives on the issue," explained Mr. McCormick. "This critical thinking exercise was done in preparation for our end-of-year project—students will research and present on historical treaties, Indigenous self-government, and ongoing examples of First Nations land claims movements across Canada." We look forward to learning more about this important issue through their projects.

Our community is committed to continuing these difficult and essential conversations. We urge everyone to continue to learn about how settler colonialism continues to impact our Indigenous neighbours.