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Photo of the Day

IDEALS in action

Today marks Round Square Day, a global celebration observed by more than 200 Round Square schools worldwide. The celebration allows schools to showcase the core values of the organization, IDEALS—an acronym for Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership, and Service. At BCS, we traditionally celebrate Round Square Day the first week of June.

To kick start the day, our community was encouraged to participate in a $2 dress down day, with all proceeds donated to the Cornerstone Food Bank. Additionally, today was a flex schedule, allowing a free afternoon of activities once classes finished. During lunch we hosted an International Bazaar featuring an array of cuisines from various countries that represent our student body. From Australia to Turkey, and many others in between, our school community savoured culinary delights from all around the globe!

Following the delightful lunch, we congregated at the flagpole for our annual Round Square walk around campus. As our Round Square International Coordinator, Mrs. Gardner-Bray, expressed, "The walk serves as a time to commemorate our collective efforts in fostering community spirit throughout the year."

Lastly, we have the highly anticipated Mini World Cup tomorrow to draw the celebration to a close. Look out for photos of all these events next week.