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Photo of the Day

In it for the long run

Livia, entering Form III in the fall, has impressed her peers and coaches during her first year on Moulton Hill.

From winning Best Rookie Athlete during carnival to breaking a BCS record during our Annual Track and Field competition, Livia is on a roll. In June, Livia represented BCS in the 'Championnat provincial scolaire d'athlétisme extérieur RSEQ 2022' and won one gold and two silver medals (as seen in photo).

Livia did exceptionally well in the RSEQ regionals, competing above her age level, and performing at Provincials as well. She then participated in the Jeux de Quebec finishing fourth in the long jump, winning a bronze medal in the triple jump, and participating on the Estrie 4x100m relay team which finished 6th.

"She is a phenomenal athlete for her age, competing significantly against senior age competition and easily holding her own," expressed our Director of Athletics, Jeff Bray. "It is very impressive."

Livia is now preparing for the 2022 Legion National Youth Track and Field Championships this weekend. Good luck, Livia—we're rooting for you!