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Lands away

Last weekend Mr. Kelso took his Form VI English class on the road for an unforgettable adventure:

“'There is no Frigate like a Book/ To Take us Lands Away' (Dickinson, lines 1-2)… but there’s something to be said for a bus trip, too!

As a way to conclude our recent study of Henrik Ibsen’s nineteenth-century Norwegian play, An Enemy of the People, we attended Friday night’s performance at Circle in the Square Theatre in New York City. The Tony-nominated production, which explores the complex relationships between power and politics, public safety and business, as well as one man’s lone voice defending truth and freedom only to have the masses turn on him, proved itself as relevant today as ever. The best part was the spirited discussion that followed as the class enjoyed a late dinner out in the city.

The class also studied selected poems by Emily Dickinson earlier this year, so the second major stop on the trip was Sunday in Amherst, Massachusetts at the Emily Dickinson Museum. Students enjoyed a guided tour of the site, comprised of two historic houses: the Homestead, Dickinson’s birthplace and life-long home; and the Evergreens, next door, where Emily’s brother and his family lived and entertained distinguished guests such as Ralph Waldo Emerson and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

There was, of course, some weekend fun built in for good measure. Students enjoyed a Saturday of sightseeing in New York and opted to see a second Broadway show, Disney’s Aladdin, a musical favourite. Mrs. McGie, BCS drama teacher, also chaperoned the trip and offered her theatre insights and expertise to the experience.”