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Photo of the Day

Making waves

Our Swim Team had their first swim meet of the year on Tuesday evening and they made waves!

The team practises three times a week in the pool and once a week in the gym doing strength and cardio. Our swim coaches, Mrs. Craig and Ms. Emily, aim to improve the team's endurance and technical abilities during practise. For the meets, students choose their event (ex: 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly, etc.) based on strength and interest but our coaches encourage them to go outside their comfort zone and try new things as well. “We have a good and strong team this year—not only in the pool but also as supportive teammates,” shared Mrs. Craig. “They encourage each other and there is an amazing sense of camaraderie on the team.”

The team scored well with first and second placements across their meet yesterday. With six more competitions on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what they will accomplish next!