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Photo of the Day

Math medallists

This morning, Ms. Tanna Sánchez-McMillan proudly presented medals and certificates to our top-scoring students in the prestigious Waterloo math competition. This annual event “provides an enjoyable avenue for students to enhance their problem-solving abilities, boost their confidence, and creatively explore various math topics,” Ms. Sánchez-McMillan shared.

Each year, students from all grades at BCS eagerly participate in this renowned competition. This year's top-scoring students from each grade were:

Galois contest:
Form II – Luyan “Rachel” W.
Form III – Shiwen C.

Pascal contest:
Form IV – Minghim “Magnus” T.

Cayley contest: 
Form V - Heng “Halbert” M.

Fermat contest:

Form VI – Nael F.

Congratulations to all our mathletes for their outstanding achievements, and thank you to Ms. Sánchez-McMillan for her continued support and encouragement.