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Photo of the Day

Meet the team

Our jam-packed week of fun went by in a flash, and came to an end this morning after the Closing Ceremony in Chapel. Although Winter Carnival feels magic in the rush of it all, it takes a lot of preparation. This year, a team of nine Form V students made up the organizing committee, and they each represented a different house.

Below are their names and the house(s) they represented (listed from top left to bottom right):

Riley T. - Mitchell Family 
Kamil L. - Ross Girls
Joseph L. - Grier South
Cullen T. - Ross Boys
Karen B. - Glass and Williams
Justin G. - Grier North
Abby A. - Gillard
Matthew H. - McNaughton
Basa H. - Smith

They have worked hard towards making this a memorable edition, and all we can say is mission accomplished! A big thank you goes out to them as well as to our Associate Director of Student Life, Julie Lowry, and our Activities Coordinators, Georgia and Myriam, for making this year's carnival unforgettable. A special thank you also to all volunteers, teachers, houseparents, and staff, for your contribution to the event’s success.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the Winter Carnival winners and for more photos of the three-day event in the coming weeks!