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Photo of the Day

NCTE Convention

The National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) hosts a convention once a year and this year's conference in Anaheim California featured one of our very own—Librarian and English Teacher, Mr. Crowther! Read as he shares his experience with us below.

"BCS has been attending and presenting at the event for decades. I’ve been going to the convention on and off for twenty years myself. Through the advice of my mentors here at school, they pushed me to apply to be a presenter. Finally, here I am, dream fulfilled.

My presentation was on the use of comics, graphic novels, and illustrated stories to explore and learn about Indigenous issues, culture, and narratives. The goal is to decolonize one’s thinking and approach, and it is a persistent and important work in progress for everyone, students and teachers alike.

This year’s convention was amazing, with famous authors, educators, publishers, and experts all fighting the good fight. It’s pretty remarkable to present on Thursday, and then meet the authors you were talking about on Friday!"

We wish to congratulate Mr. Crowther for being selected as a speaker and for his stellar presentation at the conference! Check out the website he created for his presentation.