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Photo of the Day

Pocketful of activities

Congratulations to our first Chess Tournament winners: Liam M., Yutong, Johny, Jimmy, and Siyang!

This past weekend we held a plethora of fun activities including the tournament, origami workshop, trip to the Carrefour de l'Estrie, and movie night in the Student Centre. Our Activities Coordinator, Ms. Hollie Menard, organizes weekend activities during the school year. She loves seeing students having fun, getting involved, and making new friends each week.

Activities range from arts and craft workshops to dances in the Student Centre—the fun is endless! Head to our Instagram and Facebook Stories on Friday mornings or see what's in store by checking out the student activities section of the Resource Board on the BCS Portal every Friday for the upcoming weekend activities.

Next week students can look forward to a Basketball Tournament, movie night in the Student Centre, Walmart trip, outdoor bonfire, and paintballing in North Hatley!