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Our Form VI students are halfway through the 2022-23 prefect application process.

BCS prefects help run the school by contributing ideas, organizing activities, and helping out in many different ways. The role of prefect has been a special tradition since 1865 when the first-ever prefect, Richard Barrington Nevitt was appointed.

Our prefects must be good role models, in good academic standing, respectful to their peers and adults of our community, and have the itch to help contribute to making our school a better place. Interested candidates have submitted an application form and a short video which helps faculty, staff, and fellow students vote for next year's leaders. After the community votes on May 19, the top candidates then go through an interview with Mr. Tessier, Mr. Lafrance, and Mrs. Lowry.

The final ten selected prefects will be announced during the Form V-VII Academic Awards Presentation on June 16. Parents—we hope you'll join us for this celebration; the event will also be livestreamed for those who are unable to join us.