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Scholarly spotlights

With Term 2 now completed, we took the time to recognize the academic achievements of our students. This morning in Chapel, we distributed certificates to students who have made it onto the Academic Honour Roll List and the Head of School’s List.

A special mention was also made for Sky W., Form VII. On top of being a prefect, being the Major Commanding Officer of our Cadets, currently completing the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma, and being part of our Elite Hockey Program, he has successfully made it onto the Head of School’s List. He received an Efforts Pin for his dedication and accomplishments.

Help us congratulate Sky and the students listed below for their outstanding efforts and perseverance.

Head to Flickr for all photos from the ceremony.

The following students obtained an average of 80% to 84% on their March report card and have been named to the BCS Academic Honour Roll List.

Form II 
Sean C.
Rayan E. 
Vassili P.

Form III 
Ana Fernanda C. V. 
Leïla C. 
Rosalie L. 
Asia L.
Kaia L.
Andres Santiago P. G. 
Ariel P. 
Amaya Y. G.

Form IV 
Atlas C.
Mauricio C. G. 
Thomas C. De S. 
Boxi “Taylor” J. 
Cédric L. 
Tessa L. 
Eugenie L. 
Tomas M. 
Haokai “Ken” S. 
Chung Yung “Michael” Y.

Form V 
Amélie A. 
Isabella A. G. 
Mylea A. 
Nathan B. 
Riley G.
Sebastian H. 
William H. 
Joseph L. 
Georgia L.
Daniel P. 
Frank P.
Christopher R.
Zachary R.
Gavin R. 
Cecilia T. 
CoraJane V. 
Timofey W.

Form VI 
Phoebe A.
Nela A.
Thomas D. 
Tristan G. 
Carlo G.
Haoxuan “Daniel” H. 
Arielle H.
Hanzhi J.
Jose R. K.
Hongbo S. 
Elias T.

Form VII
Form VII completing the IB Diploma Programme have ‘(IB)’ indicated after their names.
Spiro A. 
Georgios B. (IB)
Ruifeng “Luis” C. 
Megan F. (IB)
Maaya I. 
Gabriel L. H.
Sara Sofia P. G. 
Wyatt S.
Hannah S. (IB)
Isabella S.
Sylas S. (IB)
Yuxin “Nikki” W. (IB)
Cynthia W. (IB)

The following students obtained an overall average of at least 85% on their March report card and have been named to the BCS Head of School's List. Students with an asterisk (*) are receiving an academic tie as it is their first time on the Head of School’s List.

Form II 
Quade Cole * 
Juliet M-F. * 
Alistair S. * 
Luyan “Rachel” W. * 
Parker W. * 
Hok Yan “Edward” Y. *

Form III 
Florence M-H. 
Alexandre P. 
Sienna V.

Form IV 
Miguel A. A. * 
Mateo A. 
Masanori B. * 
Livia B. 
Xavier-Emmanuel C. * 
Brandon F. * 
Yuzhe “Edward” H.
Eytan Q. * 
Dominic S. * 
Jiajun “Julien” S. 
Safa “Latifa” S. * 
Ming Him “Magnus” T.
Zishen “John” W.

Form V 
Abigail A.
Karen B. 
Shang-Yi “Sean” C. 
Chen-Yun “Mia” C. * 
Nianguo Dong * 
Zhongyang “Justin” G. * 
Matthew H. * 
Zachary J. * 
Sophie “Emerson” K. 
Jan L. * 
Kamil L. 
Heng “Halbert” M. * 
Arabella M-F. 
Lily M. 
Aurélie M-H. 
Nathaniel O. * 
Nathaniel P. * 
Yifan S.
Kenzie S. 
Hazel S.
Nathan S.
Chi Him “Cullen” T.
Tao “Riley” X.
Zitong “Emma” Y.

Form VI 
Émile C. 
Félix-Antoine E. * 
Valerie F.
Charlotte H. 
Victoria H.
Segoleine J.
James M. * 
Sophia M. * 
Dillan R. * 
Louis R.
Amaya S. * 
Tomáš S.
Alistair S.
Adam S. * 
Yutong Z.

Form VII
Form VII completing the IB Diploma Programme have ‘(IB)’ indicated after their names.
Leo A. 
Emma A. (IB)
William A. (IB)
Geraldine B. C.
Georgia B. (IB)
Avery C.
Chaimber C. (IB) *
Jana D. (IB) * 
Yuchen “Leo” D. 
Yuhan D. 
Tayvia D. * 
Olivia D. 
Ivanna G. R. * 
Janie G. 
Feixiong “Sky” J.
Evan J. (IB)
Leïla L. (IB)
Taile L. (IB)
Alexandre M. (IB)
Anne M. (IB)
Philipp M. (IB) * 
Ana Carolina Q. A. M. (IB)
Yulong “Edward” W. 
Sky W. (IB)
Luyan Z.
Minghao “Gavin” Z. (IB)