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Photo of the Day

Students vs staff showdown

Yesterday afternoon marked the start of an exciting series of games between students and staff, with the first game being basketball.

The competition was fierce, with both teams highly determined to win the coveted Garfield Trophy (yes, the cat). Despite the strong efforts of the student team, the staff emerged victorious in the end. However, the game was not just about winning or losing—it was an opportunity for everyone to come together and have fun. The crowd of students was hyped throughout the entire game. It was evident that everyone was enjoying themselves, regardless of which team was scoring.

Tomorrow will see the student and staff teams face off in volleyball, and next week will be curling and hockey. With such a great start to the series, there is no doubt that everyone is eagerly anticipating the upcoming games. Who will come out on top in the next round? It is anyone's guess and anyone’s game!

Check out the game photos on Instagram and Flickr to see all the action.