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Photo of the Day

Team a-wards

This morning, recent graduate Anne Minaki, BCS’24, proudly introduced our new Head Chapel Warden for the 2024-25 school year. Congratulations to Abby A. on receiving this prestigious title! Anne also announced the upcoming Chapel Warden Team:

Karen B.
Joseph L.
Chen-Yun “Mia” C.
Zitong “Emma” Y.
Christopher “Archie” R.
Lily M.
Timofey “Timka” W.
Tao “Riley” X.
Kenzie S.
Mylea A.
Nianguo D.
Zhongyang “Justin” G.
Georgia J.-P.
Sebastian H.
Matthew H.
Frank P.

A huge thank you to Anne and Iwo for their outstanding leadership as this year’s Head Chapel Wardens, and to the entire Chapel Warden Team, including Maryse Simard and Susan Cook, for their invaluable guidance. Here's to another year of dedication and excellence!