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Photo of the Day

They’re dine-amite

Our Positive Change Committee (PCC) is on a mission to thank our community. Before the Winter Break, the PCC brought donuts to our Buildings & Grounds Team to thank them for their hard work in keeping our campus beautiful and safe. This time around they wanted to extend a special show of gratitude to our dining hall staff.

Armed with a large cheery yellow poster and markers, the PCC tacked up the thank you card in dining hall on Monday and encouraged the community to take a minute to sign it. By the end of the week, the poster was all filled up with messages of thanks and recognition. The card is strategically located across from the serving stations so our dining hall staff can feel appreciated while they work. We’ll echo all the kind words on the poster with a HUGE thank you to our Dining Hall Team for keeping our bellies happy and healthy with their scrumptious meals!

Speaking of delicious food… The PCC will continue to spread the positivity with a bake sale (Tuesday) and dress down day (Thursday) next week. All proceeds will be donated toward a fundraiser organized by member of our Buildings & Grounds Team, Adam Rowell, to raise money for comfortable chemotherapy chairs for the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Sherbrooke (CHUS). We hope you’ll support (by baking or eating!).