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Everything Matters

These two words evoke a multitude of emotions for me because they are directly linked to how I live my life. Every day, I strive to move forward and progress toward my goals: both personal and professional. 

Setting ambitious goals is an important step, determining an action plan with concrete strategies is crucial, but most importantly, is the daily momentum sustained in the pursuit of our future self. 

To make this happen, I truly believe that everything matters. 

Expressions such as: “the devil is in the details,” “the small things are as important as the big ones,” “life isn’t about finding yourself, it is about creating yourself.” Whoever said the small things don’t matter never witnessed a spark start a wildfire, a drop of water expand into an ocean, a gust of wind evolve into a hurricane, a snowflake become an avalanche,
or a clump of earth turn into a mudslide. 

Success hinges on incremental improvements. One of the key factors in achieving one’s goals is constant motivation created by the small wins that we achieve as we steadily move towards our ultimate endpoint. My favourite quote from the Dalai Lama sums up these thoughts: “there are only two days in the year when nothing can be done. One is yesterday and the other is tomorrow. Today is the day to believe, do, and live”.

So what does “everything” actually encompass? I believe that it is different for everyone and is specific to the goal you are trying to achieve. 

Generally, “everything” refers to your passion and interests, your motivation and expectations, your ability to communicate your intentions to others, your resilience in the face of challenges, the hope that you retain despite setbacks, and your ability to pivot to a new path as parameters change and opportunities arise. 

Everything actually means every thing that you can do to be successful. 

Why is this important to me? Because I have found my purpose in life: to give back, to inspire others, and to help all those around me grow and achieve success. 

Why could this be important for you? 

It provides daily motivation and drive, which allows you to actively create and pursue your destiny and experience fulfillment. 



As I look out into the haze
My gaze falls upon the rays
Of sun, peering through the thick canvas
Which is my life’s path
And when I see the path lit before me
I turn into the darkness
To forge my own way
Defined by what I say
Things are not as clear as they used to be
Some days I feel invincible but others, just me
Trying to harness the strength to achieve
What others can’t quite perceive
Would it be helpful to share my destiny?
With someone who truly believes in me
I know that someone is the reflection in the mirror
The heart and soul that allows me to see clearer
The fog is lifting
My spirit is gifting
It’s time to rise up 
Stand up and make up
For the time that I spent
Doubting my ability. I repent. 

Hope takes hold of my dreams so bold
My fate cannot be sold
My destiny will never go cold
Waiting for my journey to begin or end
Life just like light, you cannot bend

The days go by, some ordinary
Which is curious since my plans are extraordinary
I hope to see the light shine bright
And the thick canvas dissipate without hate
This is what I wish for, what I strive for,
What I live for

The world around us consists of perceptions, projections, judgments, and perspectives.
The “real” world is not what is true but rather what we believe. It is, therefore, different for everyone and lives only inside our head, as a reflection of our hopes and dreams. 

If you subscribe to this belief, then make your world the best one possible by putting on those rose-coloured glasses, deciding to be happy, embracing what you have instead of what you want, and being grateful for the life that you are creating for yourself. You are the conductor of your orchestra, the magician of your being, and the master of ceremony of your life. 

In a world that is becoming more prescribed and predictable, where artificial intelligence is impacting our own intelligence, and society is defining who we are and what our worth is, I prefer to create my own future, define my own self, and determine my own success. 

If you believe that everything matters, go forward and pursue…everything.