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Faces of BCS



From our passionate teachers to our alumni who span the globe, the true magic of BCS lies within our caring community. 

As you will hear from anyone who has come through Moulton Hill, our community is what sets us apart. The individuals who make up BCS, including alumni, staff, students, teachers, and parents, are what make BCS so special. Experience the magic grown on Moulton Hill for yourself, directly from these individuals, in the testimonials below. Click on the blurb itself to watch or read their full story.

All the people around you in the community make your life brighter every day. Time at BCS flies, make the most of it. Do not be afraid to go out there. Try new things, talk to new people, participate in activities—this is how you will truly appreciate your experience at BCS.

William Nepveu, BCS'20

Coco Jie, BCS’20


"BCS opened up a world full of opportunities for me and encouraged me to work for things I never thought I would even try. BCS shaped me into who I am today and I can’t imagine my life without spending the most valuable four years there.” Hear from Coco Jie

Beorn White


"I don't know if I have a personal philosophy beyond 'try to be kind to others.' I find that it's a pretty good one and it's been serving me well."

Watch Beorn's Mentor Monday here.

Alexandra Johnston, BCS'88

BCS Association Board of Directors Vice Chair

"I think there must be something in the DNA of this place [BCS]—so many of us still feel that sense of how meaningfully it impacted the people we became. And for anyone who feels that way, I encourage them to give back. There are so many different ways to support and champion a worthy cause like BCS." 

Hear more about Alex. 

Dawson Mercer, BCS'19


"[BCS] is an experience that not a lot of people have the opportunity to take part in, and I'm very grateful for my time there. It helped me become who I am today."

Read more here. 


"Fevzi" Kamalov, BCS'18


“For me Cadets was such an important part of the BCS experience. This year I won Her Queen Mother the Queen Elizabeth’s Award for demonstrating ‘the most officer like qualities’. I’ll never have the opportunity to do something like that ever again.”

Read more here

Scott Kelso


"On a daily basis, I'm amazed that students go halfway around the world to a place where they don't speak fluently the language. ...Learning a second language is incredibly difficult and it can take a lifetime so I can't say enough how impressed I am and how in awe I am of students who do what our ESL students do."

Watch his Mentor Monday video here.

Tanna Sanchez McMillan


"When you see a student suddenly understand a concept...  I would give the world for that."

See Mentor Monday video here.

Sarrah Ewing, BCS'10


"I don't even think I would be the same person if I hadn't gone to BCS, and no dollar amount can really give back the full sum that I can feel in my heart."

Read her article in The Bulletin here.

Elizabeth Couture, BCS'20


“At BCS I learned to open up to people. You never know who could help you grow or help you go through hard moments. Stay open-minded!”

Read more about Elizabeth here.

Josh Bray, BCS'15


"Whether you're here for a year or 24 like myself, enjoy every moment because [BCS] gives you way more than you could get anywhere else—it's truly a home.'"

Watch his Mentor Monday here.

Aliyah Osman, BCS'19


“The most important thing BCS taught me is that there will always be change. People will come and they will go but that isn't a bad thing because although things and people may go, new experiences will come that you will cherish and embrace.”

Read more here. 

Willy-Alec Baha, BCS'18


"BCS is the experience of a lifetime."

Watch more here.


Hannah Lee Poy-Paxman, BCS'21


"Everyone here is so welcoming and kind, I will miss it so much. Everyone’s kindness is also what helped me join the 126374 + clubs that I’ve been a part of this year."

Read more about Hannah here.


Scott Goodson, BCS'81

BCS Association Board Member

"Best boarding school in Canada."

Read Scott's Photo of the Day here.