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50 Years Together


Collage of BCS students through the years

As the students returned to the school in September, a new era began in the history of Bishop's College School. [...] When the school opened in September it was a different BCS. A new Headmaster, new staff and prefects, an unusually high number of new students—the greater part of which were girls—and a host of renovations and additions to the physical plant greeted the returning students. [...] The academic year 1972-73 was a transition year. A year in which the change was made from a boys' boarding school with girls to a truly co-educational school. [...] Together with the traditional school pride that has always been characteristic of BCS students, a feeling of general optimism was bred this year. [...] The combined efforts of the entire school body made this year, the first year of co-education, a successful year and a solid base for improvement by future generations of BCS students.

Excerpt from the 1972-73 Yearbook


The 2022-23 school year marks the 50th anniversary of BCS and KHC coming together as one. 

The fall of 1972 was the beginning of a new chapter for our community. It brought about a profound change in the bond between KHC and BCS that continues today, providing a superior education that guides and challenges our students to achieve academic, athletic, and personal success.

Join us as we embark on a year-long celebration of the 50th anniversary of the joining of KHC and BCS with a series of fun, interesting, and story-driven events. Scroll down to find out more and bookmark this page to refer back to as we add more information.

You may have noticed the debut of a new logo across some of our recent communications and social media. The logo was specially created to mark this anniversary year and showcases the two schools’ separate logos, such as they were in 1972 prior to the union. The three coloured arcs (BCS purple, KHC blue, and the gold that unites the two) connect the two logos in a circle, which represents the bonded community we treasure today.

50 Years Together Logo

Cheers to 50 years

October 2022 will see the start of a year-long celebration with a series of fun, interesting, and story-driven events. Homecoming Weekend (October 1-2) will kick things off with many class reunions (including the 1972 classes themselves) and the unveiling of the St. James the Less Church bell, which was the church visited every Sunday by the girls during their time at KHC. Alumni and Friends Receptions from coast to coast are being organized throughout the year, as well as a special alumni community-focused Stoker Arts Festival in the spring.

We invite you to join us all year long as we celebrate this special moment in our history and the union that brought us all together. Check out the event dates below, mark your calendars, and stay tuned for details!

50 years worth of memories

Catch a glimpse of Bishop's College School since the 1972-73 school year. Today's BCS is a school that got the best of both worlds, building on the legacy of BCS and KHC to create an even better, sturdier reality.

The KHC legacy at BCS - 50 Years On

King's Hall, Compton was more than a school. It was a community of caring teachers, dedicated staff, and inquisitive students who built its rich history. Today the legacy of that history lives on at Bishop's College School. We're grateful to have reminders of the legacy of King's Hall, Compton throughout campus. Through the years, the spirit and legacy of the Compton ladies continues to resonate strongly within our walls.

As students who have spent most of their time at this school living in Gillard House, we have first-hand experience when it comes to our House values of inclusion and perseverance. [...] Although Dr. Gillard herself may not have been the one to teach us these ideals, it was her legacy that helped shape our moral compasses.

Cala Tesolin, BCS'20 & Violetta Zeitlinger-Fontana, BCS'20

The spirit of KHC remains alive at BCS and the school continues to look for legitimate ways to weave the story of KHC into the story of BCS. [...] KHC continues to be an important leitmotif in the chapters that are written on Moulton Hill.

Linda Rodeck, BCS'81, Past Chair of the Association Board

Our story

Learn about the histories of King's Hall, Compton and Bishop's College School
and how these two great schools shaped the BCS that we know today.