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Strategic Plan 2021-24


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The goal of this dynamic three-year plan is to enhance all areas of the school through innovation and forward thinking and ultimately improve the student experience at BCS.

Over the last decade, BCS has undergone tremendous growth. Our student body has expanded in both numbers and diversity. We have introduced new curricula and athletic programs, and we have enhanced student life programming. Our built infrastructure, and the beautiful campus that embraces it, have been upgraded, sending a strong message to current students and prospective BCS families alike that BCS is both listening and responding to the challenge of preparing young people for the(ir) future. Our parents are more actively engaged and connected than ever, as is our global community of alumni. As we all know, the BCS experience does not end with graduation but extends throughout the lives of our community members.

So, it is with enthusiasm and pride that we share with you Bishop’s College School’s 2021-24 Strategic Plan. Succinct and powerful, this plan has one over-arching goal: whole school improvement which will position BCS among global leaders in independent education. Successfully reaching this goal requires ambitious thinking, underpinned by solid planning and preparedness. Therefore, the 2021-24 plan was designed as a tool for school leadership to identify, analyze, and improve all divisions of the school, bringing increased harmony, productivity and coordination between Academics, Student Life, Admissions, Advancement, Communications, and Operations. This will be critical to subsequent strategic initiatives, which are already being eagerly anticipated.

Our community thrives on the pursuit of excellence and the support of all members of the BCS family, and this is reflected in our newly crafted mission, vision, and values that represent the BCS of today and tomorrow.

Michel Lafrance, Head of School


Bishop’s College School creates a caring community of learning and development where cultures connect and individuals matter.


Bishop’s College School provides a life-enriching, global experience for our entire community.


At Bishop’s College School, our enduring values guide all actions and decision-making.


We define and develop leadership with the character traits of empathy, integrity, respect, and broad mindedness.


We nurture independence, self-awareness, and physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


We embrace belonging and diversity, and foster supportive, life-long learning and relationships.


We provide opportunities that motivate individuals to set goals, persevere, and achieve their personal best.


We encourage and promote curiosity, creativity, and adventure both inside and outside the classroom, to challenge oneself and discover new interests.


The following school-wide priorities will guide and influence our strategies, tactics, and decision making throughout the execution of our strategic plan.


Improve engagement and foster relationships with all stakeholders through strategic and personalized communication.
On the heels of the last strategic plan, we have increased our communication to all constituents, across multiple platforms. We will continue to build and strengthen new and existing relationships, so that all members of our community are well-informed and connected to the school.


Develop a comprehensive environmental sustainability program.
One of the differentiators for BCS is the natural environment in which the campus is located, and its preservation has always been top of mind for our community. As responsible stewards of both the school and the planet, we will develop an environmental sustainability program, policies, and infrastructure that will minimize the school’s current and future environmental footprint. At the heart of this program will be our students, who will learn, experience, and steward environmental responsibility.


Design for effective DEIJ within our community.
Building on the 2020-21 school theme of ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,’ we are committed to further valuing our global community of students from over 40 countries. We want to ensure that all members of our community—inclusive of gender, ability, religion, identity, and culture— know they belong and that there is honest and authentic diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice at BCS.


The following goals encompass the direction that each department will undertake to lead to whole-school improvement and the enhancement of the BCS experience.


As we commit to improving students' awareness of how they learn and study best, we will also further develop our academic guidance and support, and ongoing communication for our Middle School and Senior School students and parents. Finally, we will enhance our co-curricular offerings in all areas and promote interdisciplinary learning inside and outside the classroom.


As society continues to change, so too will our Student Life and Boarding Life curricula, evolving and innovating to prepare students for an ever-changing world. We will enhance our philosophy, programs, and activities with future-forward thinking, embracing global mindedness and prioritizing overall wellness, resilience, respect, and empathy.


BCS offers a truly Canadian experience while cultivating an awareness and appreciation of global cultures and diversity. We will continue to explore new global markets, making the BCS experience accessible to an even wider audience and consequently enriching the student experience. We are committed to developing strong relationships with families and educational partners while leveraging our virtual tools and platforms.


People are at the heart of our community; we continue to cultivate relationships with our global alumni across all generations and foster their connection to the BCS of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Furthering the culture of philanthropy will ensure the necessary gifts to continually enhance the campus, programs, and financial accessibility for families.


We will position BCS as a worldclass school. Amplifying the voices of our entire community, we will share the defining journey that is BCS, and the life-long influence and friendships that result. We will leverage these stories to lead new and returning audiences to our school website, increasing both interest and our community’s sense of belonging, loyalty, and pride.


Our over-arching goal is to achieve financial prosperity and long-term sustainability. We will also work with our community to develop and implement the BCS campus of the future. Finally, we are committed to offering continuous learning for all BCS employees, encouraging and facilitating professional growth and expertise.