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When you’ve been around for nearly two centuries, you amass a lot of traditions! We love to celebrate and share them—old and new—with our community.

From our annual Mountain Day climb to the cap toss at Graduation (and everything in between) the BCS experience is steeped in special and memorable traditions. These moments and occasions live on in your heart and mind long after your time on Moulton Hill. Just ask our alumni, whose eyes light up when they start talking about Carnival with old class or housemates.

The sense of community at BCS is something that you feel instantly. The BCS community supports and cheers you on in everything you do. I loved taking part in everything that BCS had to offer.

Kelly Frendo, BCS’19

The fact that we were founded in 1836 doesn’t mean all our traditions date back to then. Just as we support our students in forming new clubs and starting new initiatives, we also encourage new traditions. We love to embrace new customs and celebrations that enrich our community and add to our future history. Check out what we have below and let us know what we’re missing!