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List of 1 members.

  • Photo of Janet Turcot Vukovic

    Mrs. Janet Turcot Vukovic 

    Director of Advancement
    819-566-0238 x209


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  • Photo of Jeff Bray

    Mr. Jeff Bray 

    Director of Athletics / Houseparent - Grier South
    819-566-0238 x218

Buildings and Grounds

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  • Photo of Ernie Garbutt

    Mr. Ernie Garbutt 

    Manager, Property & Material Services
    819-566-0238 x282

Business Office

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Communications & Marketing

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  • Photo of Jennifer Monk

    Ms. Jennifer Monk 

    Director of Communications and Marketing
    819-566-0238 x244

Domestic Services

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  • Photo of Jean-Claude Boudreau

    Mr. Jean-Claude Boudreau 

    Manager of Domestic Services
    819-566-0238 x237

Food Services

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Health Services

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Round Square

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  • Photo of Shelley Gardner-Bray

    Mrs. Shelley Gardner-Bray 

    Grier South Co-Houseparent/Resource Teacher/International Coordinator
    819-566-0238 x213

Student Life

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  • Photo of François Tessier

    M. François Tessier 

    Associate Head of School for Student Life
    819-566-0238 x295

Summer Language Camp

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  • Photo of Melissa Rowe

    Ms. Melissa Rowe 

    Director of Summer Camps and Auxiliary Programs
    819-566-0238 x298

Supply Shop

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Address & Phone Numbers

Bishop's College School
80 chemin Moulton Hill
Sherbrooke, QC
J1M 1Z8

Phone+1 (819) 566-0227
Toll-free in North America: 1-877-570-7542

Calling Canada

From North America, simply dial 1 and then the 10-digit phone number. From outside North America, you must dial +1 and then 819-566-0227. See for further details.

Head of School's Office

Mr. William Mitchell
Interim Head of School

Mrs. Sheila Lyster
Assistant to the Head of School
819-566-0238 x202
Fax: 819-566-8182

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.