At BCS, we’re more than just a school—we’re a community, a family. A family of over 280 students from over 40 different countries who live, learn, play, and grow together, making friendships along the way that will last a lifetime.

Our teachers don't just teach–they inspire. Our students don't just study– they challenge themselves, expanding their horizons and excelling in ways they never imagined before arriving here. And our entire global community of parents and alumni thrives on the energy that exudes from our beautiful sprawling 250-acre campus.

A lot of people say BCS is like Hogwarts, and while we might not teach magic, there is definitely something magical happening on Moulton Hill. You need to see it to believe it.

Are you ready to experience the magic of BCS?

Rigorous academics

A Caring Network

Our faculty and staff are dedicated, experienced, and committed to students’ growth both inside and outside of the classroom. Each student is appointed an Advisor who helps monitor social and academic progress. Learning strategists in the R.D.W. Howson Enrichment Centre work in conjunction with faculty to help students develop the tools and confidence needed to excel.

Small Classes

With an average class size of 15, students and teachers develop close bonds. We emphasize individual attention and collaborative learning. Every two weeks, we evaluate each student's participation in class through the Effort Ratings. In addition to class time, teachers are also available for extra help during evenings and weekends.

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University Preparation

Our students are equipped to succeed. Our University Advisor works with each student to find universities and programs that match their interests, abilities and aspirations. Through our Bridge Program with Bishop’s University, eligible students in Form VII (Grade 12) can enroll in university courses for credit. We prepare students for AP, SAT and other standardized tests. We're also an official SAT test centre.

Language Options

The unique T.H.P. Molson Bilingual Option allows for French-speaking students to maintain fluency in their mother tongue, while also providing English-speaking students the means to reach higher levels of skill in French. English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction is available from Form II (Grade 7) to Form V (Grade 10) to help both international and French-speaking students adapt. Read more about our curriculum

Grade levels

Our grade levels are known as "Forms." We promise it won't take long to get used to it!

Form II / Grade 7
Form III / Grade 8
Form IV / Grade 9
Form V / Grade 10
Form VI / Grade 11
Form VII / Grade 12

A vibrant community

The Arts

Students with a passion for the arts have no shortage of opportunities at BCS, and students who have not yet discovered their passion have a place to learn and explore. The Visual Arts program focuses on creativity and studio work, as well as art history and theory. Drama students can work both on and off the stage, writing and performing both short plays and film scripts, as well as creating longer film projects. With four bands and a choir, the students in the Music program perform at events throughout the year and develop an appreciation for various styles of music, including jazz, classical and popular. 

Read more about the arts.

Boarding Life

Residences – Our eight residences provide a safe living and boarding environment. Houseparents and residential staff provide structure and care, often becoming a second "Mom" or "Dad." We offer seven-day boarding, meaning all boarders participate in our weekend programming. Day students often join in as well. Students develop lifelong friendships and learn to take care of themselves. Each room is shared by two students and includes a workspace and storage. Residences feature a common room, internet access, telephones, tv’s and equipped kitchens.

Boarding life, trips and activities – A variety of fun activities are organized each weekend and students also have access to the fitness room, hockey rink and our beautiful wooded campus. From sight-seeing to white-water rafting, to attending a hockey game or an opera, students regularly enjoy cultural, recreational and sporting events in the area on weekends and during breaks. 

Read more about boarding life


Sports – Athletics are an integral part of daily life at BCS, with all students participating in team or individual sports five days a week. Competitive sports (hockey, soccer, rugby, basketball, swimming, tennis, golf, football, etc…) and non-competitive sports (adventure training, horseback riding, ski and snowboarding, curling, squash, climbing, etc…) are offered by season. Weekends are often used for competitions on and off campus.

Facilities – Our sports facilities include an indoor ice rink, two full-size basketball courts, a 40-foot indoor climbing wall, three international squash courts, a fitness centre, six sports fields, three tennis courts, a softball field and several kilometres of wooded cross-country trails. We also have access to a university swimming pool and local golf club within walking distance.

Read more about athletics.

Leadership & Service Opportunities

We have a strong culture of student leadership and are committed to helping students become well-rounded individuals who feel empowered to assume leadership roles. Our membership in the Round Square program, the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, the Ondaatje Endeavour challenge, the Community Outreach opportunities, Clubs and the Cadet program are all ways in which our students can learn to become active, contributing members of society.

Read more about leadership development.

Scholarships & Financial Assistance

Accessibility is important to us. We are proud to offer approximately $1.9 million in need-based scholarships and financial assistance each year. Please contact our Admissions team if you have questions about our tuition and fees.

Did you know?

We're a proud member of Round Square, an international alliance of schools that follow six core IDEALS: Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service. Learn more

We'd love to tell you more!

The Admissions team is here to answer your questions. We'd be happy to schedule a visit or walk you through the application process. Please visit the Admissions page for more information.

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.