Welcome to Bishop's College School,

As I begin my second year at the school, I am struck with how connected I feel to the history, culture, and people that make up this wonderfully diverse and vibrant community. I have learned much about the school’s 185-year history, but most importantly I have met the people that make up this community. The stories I hear all have a common thread: a deep love for the school, the friendships made, and the lessons learned inside and outside the classroom. For most, it has been life-changing and the influence of a teacher, houseparent, staff member, coach, or classmate has molded their personal and professional path. 

BCS is a special place that offers a unique experience and we are committed to continuing to see the school thrive. Thousands of students have come through the doors and thousands more will do the same before the school celebrates its 200th anniversary in 2036. We have much to be thankful for.

BCS provides a multitude of opportunities to explore, expand, and learn. The culture of equality and respect represents our diverse community and the rapidly-changing world that our students are growing up in. If there is one sentiment that I believe all BCS community members should feel, it is pride. We are proud that BCS is a leader in independent school education. We are grateful that our faculty, staff, administration, and volunteers are committed to educating and shaping the next generation of global citizens and world leaders. We appreciate that our students value and cherish respect, perseverance, exploration, independence, and leadership.

I hope you enjoy learning more about what makes BCS unique, why students are happy here, and why our mission is to create a caring community of learning and development, where cultures connect and individuals matter. 

I wish you and your family health and happiness and a year ahead filled with joy and fulfillment.

Kind regards,

Michel Lafrance
32nd Head of School

Head of School's Office

Mr. Michel Lafrance
Head of School
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Mrs. Sheila Lyster
Assistant to the Head of School
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Bishop's College School creates a caring community of learning and development where cultures connect and individuals matter.


Bishop's College School provides a life-enriching, global experience for our entire community.


At Bishop's College School, our enduring values guide all actions and decision-making:

Lead—we define and develop leadership with the character traits of empathy, integrity, respect, and broad mindedness

Grow—we nurture independence, self-awareness, and physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Engage—we embrace belonging and diversity, and foster supportive, life-long learning and relationships.

Experience—we provide opportunities that motivate individuals to set goals, persevere, and achieve their personal best.

Explore—we encourage and promote curiosity, creativity, and adventure both inside and outside the classroom, to challenge oneself and discover new interests.

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.