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Academic Support



The academic support structure at BCS is intended to strengthen a student’s competencies, confidence, and character, and to facilitate the development of skills that allow them to be successful in all settings.

Students at BCS have access to a comprehensive suite of support services designed to help them achieve their full academic potential. These services are rooted in the understanding that a student’s academic competency is in constant development. Moreover, as an IB World School, BCS encourages students to become inquirers, thinkers, and communicators, and to develop their intercultural competence and become global citizens and lifelong learners.

From the first day of school, all BCS students make use of universal supports. These academic support services are a deeply embedded aspect of the culture at BCS and are the foundation of our tradition of academic excellence. To best cater to the needs of all students at BCS, we have multiple support services available to provide the tools necessary for success. The R.D.W. Howson Enrichment Centre has promoted this mission for over a decade and is central to the culture of excellence at BCS.

Universal Support Services

Sports & Extra-Curricular Program Support Services

Specialized Support & Enrichment

Support by Department