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Peter G. Holt Memorial Library


Students holding books for Banned Book Day

The Peter G. Holt Memorial Library's mission is dedicated to facilitating student learning, student growth, student development, school wide improvement, and student exceptionalism, inside and outside of the classroom environment.

The Peter G. Holt Memorial Library sits atop the Student Centre at the heart of Bishop’s College School. With a collection of over 15 000 books, in paper, eBook, and audio form, and with over twenty online resources and databases, the library is the place to go for information and leisurely reading materials. The library’s physical and virtual spaces are inviting, accessible, and comfortable, providing a home for any who walk through its doors, either in person or online. 
Open throughout the academic day during break, lunch, after school, and in the evenings, students congregate, work independently, or work in groups within the library space. Two study rooms can house up to four students each, for group work, and isolated tasks. Students can go to the library with teacher permission, to pick up resources, ask for help, etc. Teachers can also book the library to use as a classroom space, or as a library space (with librarians interacting). As well, the librarian visits classrooms for team-teaching on various topics.


Students studying in the library
Students working on an assignment in the library
The library staff includes a librarian, library technician, and library aides to help the community in any way they can. The librarian works closely with teachers; team-teaching, developing curriculum, offering library spaces and resources, and conducting workshops, professional development opportunities, and class lessons on any manner of topics, themes, and practices. Providing instruction and resources for information literacy, research and academic honesty, independent reading habits, and academic success through print and non-print materials are the library’s central role. We focus on students, faculty, and everyone in the school community as learners, as readers, and as explorers on a world stage.
The library encourages and promotes a reading curriculum for students, both independently and for class. It advocates and teaches information literacy skills to students and staff. It hosts and animates activities, programming, and special events that foster diverse learning strategies and promote lifelong academic opportunities across multiple subject areas.

Library Hours

Monday to Friday
8:45 AM - 3:30 PM

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


Max Crowther
819.566.0238 x235

Hayley Bernier
Library Technician
819.566.0238 x235

Jillian Harkness (On Leave)
Library Technician 
819.566.0238 x235

Meet Our Academic Team

The Peter G. Holt Memorial Library is a hub for learning, working in tandem with academic programming, student support, faculty investment, and pedagogical and curricular goals, in order to develop lifelong learners and respectful and dedicated global citizens.

Library Learning Commons Support Services


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