Participation check up

Every few weeks, students are assessed by teachers on the basis of academic effort. The Effort Ratings are not about marks or achievement, they are purely an evaluation of student participation and engagement with course work. The goal is to celebrate students' dedication and help identify areas of weakness.

Students are evaluated as follows: 

  • A = Excellent Effort. The student goes beyond regular classroom expectations, consistently exhibiting a determination to give of his or her best and to do more than is required.
  • B = Good Effort. The student completes prep on time, participates in class by being on task and involved, and meets all classroom expectations.
  • C = Minimal or Inconsistent Effort. The student exhibits minimal or inconsistent effort, attention and/or participation. Assignments are done but they are late or incomplete.
  • D = Absence of Effort. The student has not fulfilled academic obligations and absence of effort is evident. Assignments have not been done. Classroom behaviour and/or participation have been poor.

Those with two or more “As” and nothing less than a “B” are featured on the Effort List, which is read aloud in Chapel (our morning assembly) and posted on the Academic bulletin board.

Strategies for improvement

Students with poor effort ratings receive more attention and supervision during their prep time (homework). The goal is to help improve the student’s attitude and behaviour toward their work. In certain situations, the Houseparent, Advisor and the Director of Academics may work together to find a solution, in consultation with parents.

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.