The International Baccalaureate (IB) at BCS

BCS is an authorized IB World School, offering both the full Diploma Programme and certificates. Founded in 1968, the IB is a non-profit educational foundation that offers highly-respected international education programs in over 4,000 schools worldwide. At the heart of an IB education is the development of international-mindedness and of the whole person. IB students learn and refine the social, intellectual, and emotional skills that will be of benefit to them in an ever-changing world. 

The IB Diploma Programme

An international pre-university program of study that balances depth and breadth. 

Preparing Global Citizens

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

In our day and age, before students embark on further studies and new careers, they gain by taking the time to reflect on the important questions that relate to their own lives and the world around them. The development of critical thinking enhances their ability to make informed choices. Theory of Knowledge, one of the core requirements of the IB Diploma, is a course about critical thinking and exploring the different ways of knowing, for example: language, emotion, reason, and faith. 

Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS)

The IB believes that education extends beyond the traditional classroom setting. In the IB Diploma Programme students become involved in CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service). A CAS program is holistic and individual to each student. A student could be involved in a theatre project, adventure training, or volunteering with the local animal shelter. CAS is a Diploma Programme requirement.

Extended Essay (EE)

Developing research and organizational skills is essential for success at university and in a career. The IB Diploma Programme student is required to write a 4,000 word essay on a subject from a comprehensive IB-approved subject list. This core requirement of the Diploma Programme is intended to advance research and writing skills, and to give an opportunity to engage in a meaningful academic project.  

Subject Groups

In Grades 11 and 12 (Forms VI & VII) an IB student follows six courses from each of the following subject groups:
Group 1: Studies in Language and Literature
Group 2: Language Acquisition
Group 3: Individual and Societies
Group 4: Sciences
Group 5: Mathematics
Group 6: The Arts

It is possible to substitute a Group 6 Arts course with a course from another subject group. For example, a student can study Physics as a Group 4 requirement and Chemistry as a Group 6 requirement. 

The IB Diploma Programme at BCS

Pathways for IB students at BCS

At BCS an IB student can choose two pathways:
  • Complete the full IB Diploma Programme over two years – that is, three subjects at Higher Level, three subjects at Standard Level, and the Core requirements: the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and CAS.
  • Complete individual IB course certificates; for example, in English, Chemistry, and Physics.

University options

Students who graduate with an IB Diploma or with IB course certificates are viewed favourably by universities worldwide. IB graduates are considered well-rounded young people who are eager to take on new challenges. An IB education is highly-regarded as an excellent preparation for further studies. In fact, research has shown that IB graduates are more likely to persevere with their university education compared to non-IB graduates. Additionally, Canadian universities receive the greatest number of applicants with an IB background. Some universities offer scholarships intended for IB graduates.
Students completing the full IB Diploma can be granted one year’s advanced standing in many Canadian universities. Those students with one or more IB course certificates can receive advanced standing in particular subjects in universities around the world.

IB courses offered at BCS

BCS offers the following courses at Higher Level (HL) and/or Standard Level (SL).

Group 1
English A: Language and Literature (HL/SL) French A: Language and Literature (HL/SL)
Group 2
French ab initio (SL) French B (HL/SL)
Group 3
Business and Management (HL/SL) Global Politics (SL)
History (HL/SL) Social and Cultural Anthropology (HL/SL)
Economics (HL/SL)
Group 4
Biology (HL/SL) Chemistry (HL/SL)
Environmental Systems and Societies (SL)         Physics (HL/SL)
Computer Science (HL/SL)
Group 5
Math Studies (SL) Math (SL)
Math (HL)
Group 6
Music (HL/SL) Theatre (HL/SL)
Visual Arts (HL/SL)

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