The Peter G. Holt Memorial Library serves students both in its attractive location one floor up from the student centre and online. The Library's collection includes numerous print volumes and AV materials (including films and music), a variety of periodical titles, and prominent online services. Open most weekdays from 8:30 AM to 9:15 PM, the Library is staffed by a professional librarian, an assistant librarian and afternoon/evening Library assistants who aim to meet both the academic and recreational reading needs of the students. 

Library classes teach students how to do research methodically for both print and online resources, how to write a bibliography, and how to critically evaluate websites. Resource Guides of relevant print and electronic resources are created through collaboration between teachers and Library staff to provide students access to reliable educator-approved content for their assignments. Classes visit the Library for research in most subject areas. English teachers also bring students in to hear about the Library’s latest acquisitions and pick up recreational books to their taste. In the evening, students can do homework, study, or work on group projects in one of the Library’s two conference rooms. 

The Library has a friendly atmosphere. Students can discuss their favourite reads as part of the Library volunteering opportunities: Library Stewards and Library Apprentices. All are welcome to come in to the Library, work with their friends and get extra help if they need it any time during the day.

Library Hours

Monday to Friday 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM

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