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Middle School



Bishop’s College School has a versatile, student-centred Middle School academic program emphasizing effective learning skills and self-growth alongside a robust curriculum.

The Middle School program produces independent, empowered and critical thinkers who demonstrate strong study habits as part of a community inclined to make connections across a wide range of subjects. Teachers offer differentiated academic opportunities for students to discover concepts through inquiry, to develop social skills through group work, to deepen knowledge and understanding through engaging activities and to challenge themselves through problem solving.

Students Form II (Grade 7) to Form V (Grade 10) develop specific and cross-curricular competencies within six different subject areas. 

Evaluation of these competencies promotes deeper learning within and outside the classroom. In Form V (Grade 10), our transition year, an integrative project consolidates the Middle School learning journey.

Six Subject Areas

BCS believes in individualized educational success. Consequently, we offer tailored programs that complement the core curriculum.

The T.H.P. Molson Bilingual Option

This program provides students with an exceptional opportunity to learn a second language and to benefit from the unique cultural richness of Quebec and Canada. The carefully structured courses are designed to help English-speaking students attain a working practical knowledge of French and to help French-speaking students maintain fluency in their mother tongue.

The ESL Plus (+) program

caters to non-native English students with a curriculum designed to support their language development. ESL Plus tutors provide students essential tools that will span across all subjects in the core academic program. Students will apply the language skills acquired in the ESL environment to understand concepts throughout their educational experience.

The Middle School’s diversified academic pathway prepares students for one of the three routes to graduation provided by the BCS Senior School, but also ensures that they thrive as citizens in an ever-changing world.