Mr. Robin Barton

Director of University Advising
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Finding the best fit

BCS has a long history of sending students to top universities in Canada, the United States, and internationally. We understand that while the university admissions process can be very exciting for you and your family, it can also be very complex.

We are committed to ensuring that you are well prepared to navigate your university search and applications. By working closely with you throughout your time at BCS and by collaborating with your family, teachers, tutors, and advisors, their last school year to prepare applications.

With a full array of programs designed to help students throughout their BCS experience, students can find easy access to teachers, tutors, counsellors and advisors for advice and encouragement.

University Process

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  • Individual University Discussion Interviews

    The academic team meets with Junior Form students to help with course selection and to familiarize them and begin conversations about their post-secondary aspirations. We organize individual university discussion interviews with each student in Form VII and Form VI every year. This is designed to supplement the university advising classes that provide a framework for each student to explore their post-secondary possibilities.

    The discussion interviews will dive deep into the hopes and plans for that student. We will look at what is required for your child to achieve success along with providing information and resources for the next steps. The discussion will culminate with a detailed email containing resources, suggestions, and information sent to the student and family.

    Our department also has an open-door policy where we encourage students to drop in for a host of informal chats as they progress towards their post-secondary destination.
  • Course Selection

    In conjunction with the Director of Academics, the Senior School Academic Coordinator, and the Math and Science departments, the Director of University Advising meets with students to discuss the impact of course choices on post-secondary options and applications.
  • University Advising Classes

    Form VII and Form VI students have timetabled university advising classes that are designed to prepare students to explore, guide, and inform their potential careers and post-secondary institutions. This will include support and resources to help students prepare and navigate the post-secondary application process in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other universities around the world.
  • University Advising Group

    Find upcoming university events, spotlights on universities, links to informative articles, and other useful information that will help make the university selection process less daunting. Make sure your email and/or text notifications are on for new messages, so you never miss any updates to the University Advising Group on the BCS Portal.
  • University Fairs & Visits

    We arrange for a wide variety of university visits to BCS throughout the year. Most university visits are held over lunch hour and students from all grades are encouraged to attend.

Applying to University

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  • Naviance and myBlueprint

    myBlueprint is designed to help students explore Canadian universities, by allowing for comparison of programs at different Canadian universities. It also includes personality assessments and other inventory options that will allow students to reflect on their interests, abilities, and skills in order to explore their career options.
    Naviance is an online program geared towards universities and colleges in the United States. Naviance can be matched with the Common Application, which will allow our Form VII students and the university advisors to send application documents quickly and easily to American universities. This powerful tool also has further personality inventories to engage all students in more reflection and thought as they consider the wide range of opportunities that await them.
  • SAT

    BCS is an official SAT testing centre with intensive SAT prep workshops offered twice a year after school and on weekends. Our professional instructor guides students through the process and offers tips and tricks for success.

    All Form V students write the PSAT and all Form VI students have the opportunity to write the SAT.
  • UCAS

    BCS is a UCAS centre. This allows us to support students who are interested in using this centralized application system for universities in the United Kingdom. Our department is very familiar with the UK university system and we are well placed to support such applications.


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  • Form V and Form VI Career Day

    As part of our student support initiatives, we organize an annual Career Day for Form V and Form VI students. Working closely with the Advancement Department, we bring in BCS alumni who are industry experts to speak to our students about how to achieve success in a wide variety of career areas.
  • The Bridge Program

    Form VII students in high academic standing have a unique opportunity to further excel through our Bridge Program with neighbouring Bishop’s University.

    Eligible students can enroll in first-year university courses, giving them exposure to lecture-based instruction and advanced curriculum. Students receive university credit for successfully completing courses, helping to augment their post-secondary studies.

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