Our diversity is our strength

BCS is proud to be home for students from over 40 different countries around the world, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Colombia, The Bahamas, Hong Kong, People’s Republic of China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Germany.
Our international community offers students a wider view of the world and a deeply personal experience of the diversity of global cultures.

Nearly 85% of our student population are boarders, so our support system for our international students is excellent. Houseparents and their assistants, prefects, teachers, coaches, roommates and classmates— everyone plays a role in making each student’s experience welcoming and supportive. Our closely-knit community ensures that no student is left behind.

Why choose to live in the heart of the Eastern Townships?

  • Picturesque location – lakes, rivers and mountains all around
  • Bilingual community – English and French
  • Safe environment – student-friendly town with a small liberal arts university across the river
  • Close to major centres – Montreal, Quebec City, Burlington (VT), Ottawa (ON), Boston (MA) & Manchester (NH).

Fun facts about Canada

  • Founded in 1867 – yes, that's right, after BCS!
  • Second largest country in the world
  • Comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories
  • Capital: Ottawa
  • Total population: 36,526,805
  • Two official languages: English and French
  • Four distinct seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer

Studying in Quebec

  • Quebec is one of Canada’s largest provinces and is a society that places great importance on freedom of expression, equal rights and respect for diversity.
  • In order to study in Quebec, international students need a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). BCS will ensure that this certificate is issued on your behalf so that you may then begin the process of obtaining your study permit.
  • For the CAQ, we will need copies of both parents' passports and a notarized translation of the student’s birth certificate into English or French.
A Canadian Study Permit is also required. Please consult the government of Canada’s website to ensure you have the required documentation.

Still have questions?

Browse through our Frequently Asked Questions or contact a member of the Admissions team.

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