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Catching Up With...

Catching Up With... Dr. Anna-Ève Turcotte, BCS'11

My name is Anna-Ève Turcotte. I started BCS in 2005 and graduated with my high school diploma in hand five years later. Since then, I earned my medical degree, completed a five years medical residency program and recently became a nephrologist (kidney specialist). Driven by the desire to do research and teach, I always wanted to transmit my passion at an academic center hospital. To achieve my goal, I began to dream about becoming the expert in onco-nephrology at the “Université de Sherbrooke”. In an effort to accomplish this challenge, I moved to Houston Texas last October and started my fellowship in onco-nephrology at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Eventually, I will be back in Sherbrooke to start this career I have dreamed about.

My experience at BCS is a crucial milestone in my professional journey. English was a foreign language when I started high school and BCS made it a pursuable challenge for me to join an English-speaking team in a fight against cancer. After all these years, I still feel like BCS is opening doors for me. English language proficiency is only a small part of what BCS offered me.

BCS also showed me first-hand the importance of collaborative efforts. At BCS, I remember always pushing my own limits whether it was in classes or in sports. When I started high school at BCS, I also joined a community where I was encouraged to invest in myself. It was overwhelming at times but I also learned how the greatest personal rewards are gained through our most diligent efforts. At BCS, I met outstanding role models that thought me how passion is at the center of all great accomplishments. It is at BCS that I became inspired to one day be a role model to others.


Anna-Ève's father, Dr. François Turcotte, also reached out to provide us with the following testimonial:

"My wife and I chose BCS for its discipline, small class size, and hands-on supervision by invested staff and faculty who truly cared for the kids and made it their personal missions to impart success.

As members of a unilingual French-speaking household, it was a tremendous opportunity for our daughters to be immersed in an English-speaking environment six or seven days a week for five years. The wide-ranging view of the world they now have provided by the cultural melting pot that comes from studying with students from 25-30 countries at the time, was an exceptional bonus.

My two daughters speak superb English and are both successful in their lives. As a father, I am eternally grateful to BCS. We regularly think about you all!"