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Catching Up With...

Catching Up With... Nicola 'Niki' Mackay Russell, BCS'15

Artist Nicola 'Niki' Mackay Russell, BCS'15, is a painter and TikTok artist who goes by the moniker 'Bethune.' 

On Niki's TikTok channel, vangoghandloveyourself, she paints portraits while highlighting important topics such as LGBTQIA+ rights and humanitarian efforts. 

Niki was recently featured on In The Know for her TikTok drawing a portrait of YouTuber Landon Chase Clifford who died by suicide. 

She shared Landon's story to shine a light on Suicide Prevention Month and encourage her followers to take care of their mental health.

"Let's honour Landon by taking care of ourselves, checking in on those around us, and increasing awareness, education, and support for mental illnesses."