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Catching Up With...

Catching Up With... Stephan Dyer, BCS'06

Funnyman Stephan Dyer, BCS'06, is a former banker turned comedian, TEDx Speaker and speaking coach with 300+ shows in eight countries and 18 cities. He is also the proud co-founder of MalPensando, a bilingual school that helps people become funny, confident speakers.

In 2017, he was awarded the Latin Comedian of the Year Prize by Latin Awards Canada. In 2018, he received the Second City's Diversity Fellowship (full scholarship) and was invited to Malaysia to deliver a TEDx Talk.

Last year Stephan made it to the final eight of the Toronto Comedy Brawl—an over 400-person stand-up comedy tournament. Check out his set here!

He has recently launched seven-week 'Public Speaking Through Comedy' courses on MalPensando.

Find him @stephandyer everywhere.