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The Latest from our Alumni

Exploring careers

During periods 3 and 5, Form V-VI students had the opportunity to attend a session with an alum to learn about a specific career field.

"Choosing a career is hard," says Mr. Barton. "A recently released study indicated that teenagers in Canada worry a great deal about the future and their place in it. Career exploration will reduce the worry associated with post-secondary choices and the careers that come out of those choices."

The purpose of Career Day is to allow students to explore a range of industries to make informed decisions about the future. This year's presenters work in various fields, including, entrepreneurship, finance, law, and life/medical science. Our nine volunteer alumni each spent half an hour with their group to talk about how they succeeded in their fields and to share advice with our students.

Thank you to the University Advising and Advancement Departments who organized the event and a special thank you to the following alumni who took time out of their busy day to help our students gain knowledge about different career opportunities.

James Andrews, BCS'11
Stephan Dyer, BCS'06

Nicolas Charlton, BCS'11
Sébastien Bernier, BCS'12

Colin Standish, BCS'04
Julia Coote, BCS'17

Life/Medical Science
Violetta Zeitlinger Fontana, BCS'20
Sarah Cooper, BCS'13
Amélie Ardilouze-Groleau, BCS'12