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Livre d'artiste

Adam Brinckman, BCS'83, generously donated one of the Livre d'artiste ‘The Lines of the Poet’ as a charitable gift to BCS.

"This Livre d'artiste is the most important artistic celebration of Canadian poetry in existence," explained Mr. Brinckman. Each of the poems in the book are signed from their author, including Margaret Atwood, Earle Birney, Leonard Cohen, Ralph Gustafson, Irving Layton, John Newlove, Alden Nowlan, Michael Ondaatje, P.K.Page, Al Purdy, F.R. Scott, and Phyllis Webb. The book was made by hand in 1981 and the portraits were drawn from life by the Montreal artist, Morton Rosengarten.

Only 100 copies were made for sale before the lithograph was destroyed and thanks to the generous gift from Mr. Brinckman, whose father was one of the publishers, one of the copies will be kept here. Our students had the opportunity to see the book in the chapel this morning and read a few of the poems.