Help us achieve our fall projects!

This fall we are thankful for many things, first and foremost being our incomparable BCS community.

Last spring, our community came together in an unprecedented show of love and support for BCS and our current and future students. Building on the momentum of the hugely successful House Sweet Home campaign, we continue to enhance the experience of all students on campus, through several new outdoor projects.
If this pandemic has taught us one thing, it’s that the more time we can spend outdoors, the healthier we are and the better we feel. The three projects outlined below were specifically chosen for the immediate impact they will have on our students’ daily lives and their physical and mental health.
Please consider supporting one of these outdoor projects, or the programs outlined further down the page, and continuing your important role within our thriving school.

Fall Outdoor Projects

Our Moulton Hill campus is a source of great pride and nature immersion for our community, and we are deeply committed to its sustainability and improvement. Our Athletics program is an integral part of the BCS experience, with students participating in either team or individual sports at least five times a week. We asked our Director of Athletics, Mr. Jeff Bray, to provide a wish list of projects that would contribute to all of our students' physical development, while also giving our elite level athletes an edge in physical training to compete at the highest level.

The following two outdoor sports projects were at the top of his list and will make a significant difference in both athletic training and daily downtime for our students, while the Campus Greening Plan will ameliorate and preserve the campus that houses them.

List of 3 items.

  • Trekfit Outdoor Circuit

  • Outdoor Sports Practice Area

  • Campus Greening Plan

Scroll down to read more about these exciting projects and how YOU can make a difference in our students' lives.

Goal: $235,000

Trekfit Outdoor Circuit

Trekfit’s training circuits are renowned as an excellent source of physical activity and outdoor play. Specifically designed for jumping, climbing, pushing, and pulling, they help develop fundamental motor skills and provide a fun space to promote muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility.

"The benefits of a multi-apparatus outdoor training area are endless and will add yet another dimension to what we offer, within our Athletics program and beyond."
—Jeff Bray, Director of Athletics

A gift towards the Trekfit circuit will help all students achieve physical development goals and have fun, all while outdoors.

GOAL: $75,000

Outdoor Sports Practice Area

Regular and repetitive practice allows athletes to improve their skills and self-confidence, becoming better players and teammates. This outdoor covered practice area will provide our students with the opportunity to hone their hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and golf skills—such as shooting and stickhandling.

"A general shooting area where students can practise everything from a lacrosse throw to a soccer penalty kick, shooting a hockey puck or hitting a golf ball, can be used by beginners and experts alike and will be a welcome addition to our sports facilities."
—Jeff Bray, Director of Athletics

A gift towards this practice area will add to our sports facilities and ensure that beginner and expert athletes alike can improve their skills and reach their athletic goals.

GOAL: $50,000

Campus Greening Plan

Our plans for a greener campus involve environmental sustainability strategies to minimize our environmental impact and create outdoor spaces for our community to enjoy. This project, which began last spring with the young alumni tree-planting initiative, aims to plant over 100 trees on Moulton Hill by the summer of 2022. It’s also a great opportunity to further beautify our campus.

"Integrating nature-based climate solutions, like planting trees, is essential in our fight against climate change. These efforts help to restore biodiversity to our campus and support the health and resilience of our ecosystem and community. This is something that every member of the BCS community can appreciate!"
—Marita Vanier, Science teacher and BCS environment champion

A gift towards the Campus Greening Plan means more trees on campus and will help tus reorganize and improve the green spaces throughout our 250 acres.

GOAL: $35,000

Highest Priority Fund

A gift to the Highest Priority Fund supports BCS and gives the school the greatest flexibility. Your contribution is directed to where it will have the most immediate and strategic impact. It includes the support of programs and the people who bring those programs to life. If you are unsure which program to donate to, this fund may be your best option to immediately impact both programs and operations at the school.

Gillard Lecture Series

Through the years, BCS and our teachers have invited a long list of guest speakers, from a variety of fields, to campus to interact with our students. Our Fall Appeal represents an opportunity to contribute to this dedicated fund, for we all know what a guest speaker can bring to a student’s academic and professional growth.

With this program, we aim to inspire, provoke critical and insightful thinking, support our students’ ambition, and offer new perspectives. We also wish to encourage our cross-generational alumni to influence and motivate our future young alumni, as speakers who will have a real, significant impact on BCS students. This lecture series is an integral part of a bigger strategy that will see a strong mentorship program created to help current students and young alumni in their transition to higher education and towards the workforce.

A gift towards the Gillard Lecture Series will expand our students’ horizons and open up a wealth of further growth and opportunity outside the classroom.

KHC Heritage Fund

King’s Hall, Compton is an important part of our BCS history. This fund was created over 15 years ago to highlight the impact of KHC and its legacy at BCS. The funds raised will be used towards such projects as the installation of historical artifacts from St. James the Less Anglican church, including its bell and some of its beautiful stained glass.

A gift towards the KHC Heritage Fund will help finance these two installation projects and future ones, and also help BCS recognize and celebrate the long and impressive history of King’s Hall, Compton.

Financial Assistance

BCS is committed to making the school accessible to all families, regardless of financial means. Financial assistance helps students and their families by covering education expenses, such as tuition and fees, room and board, books and supplies, and transportation. By contributing to our Financial Assistance program, you are providing families access to a premium education.

All the world's youth should have an equal opportunity to thrive and develop into the leaders of tomorrow. Our diverse student body is one of our greatest strengths and we are proud to have offered over $2.1 million in Financial Assistance in 2020-21 to 77 students, representing approximately 30% of the student body. 

A gift towards the Financial Assistance program means more money allocated to current and potential students so they can both live and contribute to the BCS experience.

KHC Old Girls Scholarship Fund

The King's Hall Old Girls Award was made possible through generous KHC alumnae who wish to honour the KHC legacy by impacting the lives of deserving BCS students. Every year a student (or students) with KHC or BCS ties receive this important award to help them achieve their full potential with a world-class education. The recipient of this award must be a good student, athlete, and leader, and must also contribute to the life of Bishop's College School.

Gifts given to this fund will ensure the students of today understand their shared history with those who came before them.

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.