House Sweet Home

Nothing inspires lifelong friendships and bonds people together quite like sharing a house. Housemates and houseparents become a second family, just like the house becomes a home away from home. You celebrate success together and cry over disappointment together, supporting one another through thick and thin, all while growing and learning from each other along the way.

We hope you'll help us reach our goal of 500 donors with a gift to the house of your choice or the campaign's highest needs, as we raise money to renovate our student houses and further improve the student experience at BCS. We'll be sharing updated totals every week on Friday afternoons, both here and on our individual house pages. Check them out and stay tuned!

Goal: $1,000,000

Weekly Challenges

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  • Week 1: Food Truck Fun - [WINNER: SMITH HOUSE]

    April 12 - April 16

    The first house to reach 20 donors within this week will be crowned the winner of the first House Sweet Home weekly challenge. The amount of the gift doesn’t matter, this is about participation!

    The winning house will be the envy of all on campus, with a special food truck parked in front and serving up a full meal courtesy of Faim Renard on Saturday, April 17.
  • Week 2: On BOARD for Pizza - [WINNER: GILLARD HOUSE]

    April 17 - April 23

    During this week, the house to reach the most parent donors will get to enjoy a Jerry's pizza party courtesy of the BCS Association Board of Directors on Saturday April 24. Whether you're a 'pizza and Habs game' house or a 'pizza and movie marathon' type family, we've got you covered—pizza's on the Board!
  • Week 3: First Time's the Charm - [WINNER: ROSS HOUSE]

    April 24 - April 30

    That’s right, this week's winner will be determined by which house gets the most first-time donors to BCS. We’re not looking at the total dollars raised but the number of first-time donors who give.

    Each member of the winning house will receive a $30 gift card to the BCS Supply Shop for any BCS swag item of their choice before May 14.

  • Week 4: Break Out! - [WINNER: GRIER HOUSE]

    May 1 - May 7  Psssst...Week 4 is a BIG one!

    The first house to raise $25,000 within this week will have the choice between three exciting off-campus excursions: a movie night in downtown Sherbrooke (complete with popcorn and other snacks), a day of paintball, or an escape room adventure.

    Houses: choose wisely and be ready to BREAK OUT!

  • Week 5: Let the Good Times (Sushi) Roll

    May 8 - May 14

    Our Ross Hall dining staff are amazing and the food is delicious, but sometimes you just crave something that isn’t made and served at home.

    During Week 5, the first house to reach 50 donors since the beginning of the campaign will score a catered sushi meal served to them in Ross Hall on Saturday, May 15.

  • Week 6: Sweet Tooth Tuesday — Young Alumni Challenge

    May 15 - May 21

    This week's challenge is all about the teens! The house with the most 2010 - 2020 alumni donors since the beginning of the campaign wins. What do they win?

    The lucky winners will get to satisfy their collective sweet tooth with an ice cream sundae buffet on Tuesday, May 25.
  • Week 7: Entertain Us!

    May 22 - May 28

    The winning house will win a home entertainment package to enjoy when its doors reopen in September. The house that has the most alumni donors to date on May 28 will win this exciting prize!

  • Week 8: Breakfast in Bed

    May 29 - June 4

    Even with summer right around the corner, our students may still need some extra motivation to get out of bed in the morning. The Advancement Team is here to help, with a special breakfast delivered directly to your house on Monday, June 7. You'll even have permission to miss chapel in order to really savour your first meal of the day!

    This prize is yours if your house has the most donors during the week of May 29 - June 4.
  • Week 9: Un-Uniform

    June 5 - June 11

    Let’s finish this competition off in style, shall we?

    Uniforms are great for getting dressed quickly in the mornings when you’re rushing to make breakfast and chapel. But there's a reason dress down days are always popular.

    The house that raises the most money during this final week will enjoy a free dress down day.

Thank you to our 253 community members who have already helped us toward our goal of 500 donors!

Bishop's College School is an independent English-language boarding and day school for grades 7 to 12 in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada.