Chapman House

"Farthest away, but nearest to our hearts."

From the beautiful location, to the caring houseparents, and the amazing students who called it home, Chapman has stood tall for close to 100 years. Although we do not have renovation plans for this summer and therefore are not raising funds during this campaign, we are committed to giving Chapman House a new vocation and new life. We will be involving all Chapman Alumni as we look to determine this historic house's exciting second chapter. Stay tuned!

For now, we hope you enjoy this walk down memory lane and that you will consider giving to another house or the campaign's highest needs, contributing to our goal of involving our full community in
House Sweet Home.

What's in a name?

Built by Horatio Nelson Kippen between 1878-1880, and originally serving BCS as an infirmary, Chapman House was officially opened as a student residence in 1936. It is named in honour of Edward Chapman, who succeeded Lucius Doolittle in 1842 to become the second Headmaster of Bishop’s College School. While Headmaster, he set a new tone for the school, becoming the first master to participate in recreation and sports with the students. He led the school until 1845, resigning his position in order to accept a professorship offered by McGill University. He later returned as Bursar and Secretary of the BCS Association from 1878-1891. He retired in 1891, 49 years after first starting as Head.

 Originally configured to host two dozen boys, Chapman House’s remoteness from School House is often recalled as the most beloved feature of this legendary house—although the cold walks endured during the winter months still garner some sympathy for its residents. Chapman was closed at the end of the 2009-2010 school year, and has not been used for student housing since. In 2021, BCS committed to developing a plan for its future use and will call on all former Chapman residents to share their thoughts in the process.

Chapman over the decades...     

Chapman Houseparents through the years

Christopher & Viola Love 1936-1942 • G. H. Moffat 1942-1962 • J.D. Cowans 1962-1968 • J. Milligan 1968-1971 • D. J. Campbell 1971-1977 • K. McCaffery 1977-1978 • R. M. Common 1978-1988• M. Cameron 1988-1990 • V. Maltby 1990-1994 • Mr. & Mrs. Blair 1994-1996 • Denis Dandurand 1997-2010

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