Gillard House

G-I-L-L-A-R-D—that's the way we spell rowdy. Rowdy. Let's get rowdy. SUPER rowdy.

What's in a name?

Gillard House, built in 1972, is named after Dr. Adelaide E. Gillard. Miss Gillard, as she was known then, was Headmistress of King's Hall, Compton (KHC) for 38 years—the longest period of service by any administrator at the all girls school. The school grew under her leadership from less than 50 students in the depression years, to 159 girls in her final year. She received D.C.L. (Honoris Causa) from Bishop’s University in 1961 for her outstanding leadership in the scholastic world and for her contributions as the headmistress of KHC. 

She was a scholar, a teacher, and an administrator, gaining both the affection and respect of those who knew her, and influencing hundreds of girls from every continent until her retirement in 1968. To this day, she is often affectionately referred to by KHC alumnae as ‘Gilly.’ Gilly’s legacy lives on in the young women who call Gillard House their home.

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Your gift to the House Sweet Home campaign for Gillard House will help breathe new life into the 'House of Queens,' with work on these projects beginning this summer. 

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  • Exclusive fitness room

  • Fresh kitchen redesign

  • Full bathroom makeovers

  • New outdoor patio

Gillard Houseparents through the years

E. H. Detchon 1972-1981 • Rita Hawketts 1981-1989 • Judy LeBaron 1989-1991 • Geraldine McGurk 1991-2000 • Janet Kranz 2000-2002 • Roselyne DeBaets 2002-2005 • Nathalie Boucher 2005-2008 • Tracey Bingham 2008-2010 • Valerie Desmarais 2010-2014 • Megan Lindsey 2014-2017 • Mary MacLachlan 2017-Present

From then...                                            now.

The KHC legacy...                                                   

...lives on.

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