Glass House

We are Glass House couldn't be prouder, if you can't hear us we'll shout a little louder.

What's in a name?

Glass House, built in 1936, is named after Dr. Charles Lapslie Ogden Glass, BCS’32. ‘Oggie’ was a student at BCS from 1928 to 1932, during which time he discovered his passion for competition. He excelled in all crease offerings and was the captain of both the hockey and football teams. A Rhodes Scholar, Oggie attended the University of Oxford where he played hockey, rugby, and tennis all over Europe, before joining the Navy to fight in the war. He returned to Canada, making his way to BCS as Headmaster from 1950 to 1960.

Oggie was Headmaster for only a few weeks before initiating construction on the Peter G. Holt Memorial Library. He championed significant change to the Moulton Hill campus during his tenure, building faculty housing, a gymnasium, and Grier House. He also spearheaded the conversion of the BCS gym into St. Martin’s Chapel. After 10 years, Oggie headed across the river to take on the position of Principal of Bishop’s University. There, he continued to establish structures and programs that bettered the student experience until his retirement in 1969. Oggie added the title of ‘BCS and KHC parent’ to his belt in the ’50s when his two daughters, Nancy (Glass) Carter, KHC’59, and Diana Glass, KHC’63, attended King’s Hall, Compton and his two sons, Gordon, BCS’65, and Richard, BCS’72, attended BCS.

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  • Exclusive fitness room

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Glass Houseparents through the years

J. F. G. Clifton 1966-1968 • J. T. Guest 1968-1970 • A. Robertson 1970-1973 • A. J. S. Bateman 1973-1982 • Shirley Ann & Bob Perrier 1982-1990 • Nicole Brass 1990-1996 • Geraldine McGurk & M. Montero 1996-1997 • Geraldine McGurk 1997-1998 • Diane McIntyre 1999-2001 • Julie Lowry 2001-Present

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