Grier House


What's in a name?

Grier House, built in 1960 (and divided into Grier North and Grier South in 1976), is named after Colonel Crawford Grier, the 19th Headmaster of BCS from 1931 to 1950. A veteran of the First World War, Col. Grier was appointed Headmaster in 1931, shortly after returning to civilian life from being an active member of the Canadian Field Artillery. From 1931 to 1942, he was an involved and proactive Head.

In February of 1942, he was appointed to the army staff at Washington with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, with Senior Housemaster F.R. Pattison taking on the duties of acting Headmaster. Shortly thereafter, Grier was named Commanding Officer of the Royal Canadian Army in 1943. That same year, he returned to BCS to perform the duties of inspecting officer at the BCS Annual Cadet Review.
Col. Grier was reinstated as Head in September 1944, remaining in this position until January 3, 1950. It was under his leadership that the BCS No. 2 Cadet Corps was outfitted in ‘Cadet Blues’ for the yearly cadet inspections.

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Your gift to the House Sweet Home campaign for both Grier Houses—North and South—will help bring much-needed updates inside and an exciting riverview deck outside, with work on these projects beginning this summer. 

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List of 4 items.

  • Brand new gaming room

  • Full bathroom makeovers

  • Modern lighting throughout

  • Sprawling riverview deck

Grier Houseparents through the years

E. B. Pilgrim 1960-1961 • R. P. Bedard 1962-1972 • H. M. MacFarlane 1972-1976 • K. McCaeffery 1975-1977 (GS) • R. S. Perrier 1976-1982 (GN) • David Dutton 1977-1985 (GS) • Mr. & Mrs. Gallagher 1982-1991 (GN) • Albert McDonald 1985-1991 (GS) • Albert MacDonald 1991-1999 (GN) • Mr. & Mrs. Hinz 1991-1992 (GS) • Jeff & Shelley Bray 1992-2003 (GS) • Paul Fillion 1999-2001 (GN) • Daniel Leger 2001-2004 (GN) • Mr. Faucher 2003-2004 (GS) • Charles de Sainte-Marie 2004-2007 (GN) • Mr. Schafer 2004-2007 (GS) • Andrew Hopkins 2007-2017 (GN) • Jeff & Shelley Bray 2007-Present (GS) • Randy Maxfield 2017-Present (GN)

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